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Employment Litigation

Let us answer your employment litigation questions…

Are you facing wrongful dismissal, unfair severance, unjustified employee termination, breach of contract, or other employment disputes? If you believe that you’ve been unfairly treated by an employer, employment litigation lawyers can help you to right the wrong that has been done. You have legal options for recovering damages due to an employer’s wrongful actions.

Davie & Associates specializes in litigation and claims tied to employment contracts. We understand your sense of urgency to protect your rights if you’ve been left without a source of income due to an employer’s actions. That’s why we’ll take the time to help you understand the unique legal considerations that apply to your case. Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you believe that you’ve been the victim of an unfair, unlawful termination.

How Do Employment Litigation Lawyers Help People Who Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Employment litigation lawyers can look at your employer’s actions through the eyes of the law. In addition to detecting legal abuses and improper conduct done by an employer, we can also help to negotiate settlement terms that are favourable to you. Some common actions an employment litigation lawyer can take on your behalf include:

  • Reviewing the details of a severance package to provide legal guidance.
  • Negotiating for a higher, more favourable severance package directly with the employer.
  • Pursuing wrongful dismissal litigation in court.
  • Pursuing constructive dismissal claims and litigation based on a forced resignation caused by a breach of contract, hostile work environment, forced demotion, or other qualifying factors.
  • Advising employees on their legal obligations regarding non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in light of constructive dismissal claims.


Let us answer your employment litigation questions…

Many people wrongly assume that legal options are only available if an employee has been the victim of wrongful employment termination. In reality, you may have a legal channel to make a claim even if you resign from a position. This is what’s known in the legal system as a constructive dismissal claim. Employers sometimes take actions that leave employees with no choice other than to resign. Here are some common scenarios that may warrant constructive dismissal claims:

  • Your employer stopped paying you.
  • Your employer reduced your pay.
  • Your employer stopped providing contractual benefits.
  • Your employer made unreasonable changes to your working conditions.
  • Your employer made unreasonable changes to your work schedule.
  • Your employer forced you to work in conditions that breached health and safety laws.
  • Your employer engaged in harassing or hostile behaviours.
  • Your employer continually subjected you to egregious and unfair criticism.
  • Your employer engaged in discrimination or bullying.
  • Your employer allowed discrimination or bullying to persist.
  • Your employer refused to properly investigate concerns that you raised about workplace conditions.
  • Your employer failed to provide the necessary support and resources to complete your job duties.

The law leaves quite some “wiggle room” for scenarios that qualify for constructive dismissal claims. Generally, claims can be considered valid when they are directed toward business owners, managers, or other leaders. However, it is possible for an employer to be liable for the actions of its employees if an employer fails to take appropriate actions. In addition, the law will look at both the severity and frequency of violations. For example, a series of “small” incidents that took place over a span of time may be seen as having a cumulative effect that is strong enough to form the basis of a valid claim.

Get Help From Experienced Employment Litigation Lawyers in Alberta and British Columbia

Your former employer has a legal department standing by to try to squash employment disputes. Give yourself the best chance of having a successful claim by having your own legal team on your side. Davie & Associates has experience in helping clients stand up to large corporations, municipalities, government agencies, medium-sized businesses, and small businesses. We support employees considering all types of claims related to employment law in Canada. Our offices are conveniently located in Edmonton, Penticton, and Red Deer. You don’t have to accept wrongful treatment by an employer. Book a consultation to protect your rights today.

Let us answer your employment litigation questions…


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