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Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Motor vehicle accidents change lives. Unfortunately, everything from driving over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration to ignoring speed limits can result in motor vehicle fatalities. If you’ve sustained property damage, emotional damage, or physical injury resulting from a car accident in Alberta or British Columbia, it’s important to speak with a law office specializing in motor vehicle collisions. Dealing with everything related to insurance companies, the driver responsible for the accident, and your recovery can be overwhelming. If you’re trying to make sense of your rights, take a look at the basics of motor vehicle accidents.

What Are the Common Types of Car Accidents?

Both serious and fatal crashes can happen at any speed. Many people fail to seek compensation for damages and injuries following accidents because they don’t feel that their experience was “dramatic” enough. The truth is that all types of car accidents have the potential to create long-term pain and suffering.

Rear-End Collisions

This is the most common type of car accident. During a rear-end collision, one vehicle is hit by another from behind. Rear-end collisions are often responsible for neck pain, whiplash, back pain, sprains, broken bones, and other musculoskeletal injuries that can have debilitating effects.

Parked Car and “Hit and Run” Accidents

This is something that’s commonly seen in both city and suburban settings. A driver may hit a parked car after carelessly cruising down a street where cars are parked. These accidents can also happen when drivers zip through parking lots. If you’re sitting in a parked car that’s struck by another vehicle, you’ll get the full impact of the crash. Injuries can be worse if you’ve already removed your seat belt as part of entering or exiting your vehicle.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

Another driver’s careless or dangerous actions may cause you to have a single-vehicle accident. This often happens when one driver is forced to quickly swerve to avoid hitting a car that is not obeying traffic laws. In some cases, you may end up hitting a structure, falling into a ditch, or flipping over.

Crashes at Intersections

Crashes at intersections often occur when a driver doesn’t obey traffic signals. These crashes can be quite serious since both drivers are accelerating speed. It’s also very common for one of the drivers to “T-bone” the other one in a way that causes direct injuries to the person in the driver or passenger seat.

Backing Collisions

Backing collisions frequently occur in parking lots and parking garages. The risk of injury for the person who is hit while seated in a parked car is high since you may no longer be wearing your seat belt while sitting in a non-moving vehicle. Backing collisions can even occur on the road if a distracted or intoxicated driver uses the wrong gear. If you’re sitting in a car that is “backed into”, the force can be enough to cause neck and spinal injuries.


Let us answer your MVA legal questions…


What You Should Do Immediately After a Car Accident

It’s important for every person involved in a car accident to seek proper attention. If you’re hurt or injured, getting evaluated by a medical professional and documenting your injuries right away is critical for your safety and wellness. Even accident victims who don’t have obvious injuries may eventually suffer from musculoskeletal injuries that can cause severe pain and debilitation.

The standard protocol following any automobile accident is to call 911. In addition, you should try to gather as much information as possible from every person at the scene. Collect the names of witnesses at the scene. You should also take pictures of any damage caused by the accident. You may be asked to give a statement to the responding police officers. One of the best things you can do at this point is to call an experienced car accident lawyer specializing in motor vehicle accident claims.

Understanding the Claims Process After an Auto Accident

It’s important for anyone who has been affected by a car accident in Alberta or British Columbia to know that limitation periods exist when it comes to filing personal injury claims. It’s advised that you seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury law before negotiating with insurance companies, settling your claim, or taking any other action that will impact the amount of compensation you can receive.

During the claims process, insurance companies use the facts gathered through interviews to determine fault. It’s important for accident victims to know that they may only be able to access partial compensation if they are partially at fault for causing the accident.

How long can a car accident settlement take in Canada?

A car accident settlement case can take years to be resolved. However, it may be possible to begin receiving accident benefits sooner if you have the right legal team working on your behalf.

Protecting Your Rights in a Car Accident

If you’ve been harmed by a car accident, don’t let another minute go by without consulting with car accident lawyers with insurance expertise in Alberta and British Columbia. Davie & Associates is a law firm specializing in personal injury law from our offices located in Red Deer, Edmonton and Penticton. We can help you make sense of your rights as you enter the claims process. Contact Davie & Associates today.


Let us answer your MVA legal questions…


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